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Roof Mounted Solar PV for Broiler House

Roof Mounted Solar PV for Broiler House

T R Hemming & Son is an established broiler farm based near Shrewsbury. The customer contacted Alt-Group following a recommendation from a neighbouring farm while looking to benefit from the lower price of solar, especially as electricity prices increase. Following consultation with the District Network Operator and analysis of the customers consumption data, Alt-Group provided a 100kWp system; comprising of Sharp 440W half cut modules and SMA Inverters. The system is connected to the internet through the SMA Sunny Portal giving accurate live data on how the system is performing providing live alerts to any system performance deviations enabling our service team to respond quickly

System Features: 

  • 100kWp
  • Sharp NU-AK 395 Solar Panels
  • SMA Inverters
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