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The most flexible all in one energy storage solutions on the market today

We have partnered with the team at Multi Source Power to install their range of battery energy storage systems – Made in Britain and providing hybrid power systems that are fully-factory-built and tested, high-density, modular energy solutions. All offering reduced project risk and cost thanks to simple installation, small footprint, and lightweight construction.

They also offer low operating costs thanks to enclosed cooling and durable housing. Integrating KORE Power energy storage and ground-breaking FLEX Inverter, achieving industry- leading, optimising footprint for applications where space is constrained or at a premium. Working with multiple power sources and output configurations, the systems provide the ultimate, flexible approach for most applications.

Flex Controller – Monitoring

Capable of integration with existing plant infrastructure using Industrial Ethernet communication protocols (for example Modbos TCP/IP, SCADA) for remote control and monitoring of the system from a centralised control room.

Battery health is continuously monitored via the KORE Power MS.BMS, providing real-time data of battery system health and performance.

Our bespoke software allows an operator to monitor total system performance from input power source to output.

The system is also supported with remote performance monitoring for servicing and maintenance.

System Security
Hosted on Microsoft Azure, with guaranteed uptime and security, MSP’s system controller is compliant with IEC 62351 for security in energy management system and associated data exchange.

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