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Roof Mounted Solar PV for Potato Store

Solar PV completes the whole package at JRO Griffiths

JRO Griffiths Ltd, based in Shropshire, process 40,000 tonnes of potatoes per annum at their Barratts Field Farm Plant.

Having previously installed a 4mW Ground Source Heat Pump system to provide heat, while benefitting from the facility to chill 12 potato stores, JRO Griffiths’ focussed efforts on maximising the efficiency of the overall site – with the aim to achieve affordable energy.

Robin Griffiths realised that with energy prices increasing and the additional electricity demand necessary to run his new system that Solar PV was an obvious solution to a growing need. Alt-Group were at hand to provide the perfect design and work with Robin on the install of 550kW solar PV system.

No FIT necessary.

Installing rooftop solar PV makes perfect business sense. JRO Griffiths understand the importance of controlling their own energy costs and, over 25 years, its total annual income and savings will equal £1,500,000. The initial investment will be paid back over 5.5 years without previous FIT benefits.

Robin Griffiths from JRO Griffiths explains…

“Alt have delivered a system that operates seamlessly alongside my existing technology whilst allowing me to take control of my energy costs. The system allows me to be independent from the grid supply of electricity, which are predicted to rise. Their team have managed each step of the process, exceeding expectations and I look forward to working with Alt again in future.”

Solar PV will now provide Robin’s business with a substantial amount of its’ electricity needs. This will further reduce its reliance on ever more expensive grid supplied electricity.

System Key Facts and Predictions 

  • 93 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided per annum
  • 502kW with 370w Longi Solar Panels
  • 400,000 – units of energy produced per annum
  • Solis Inverters
  • £45,000 savings, assuming 70% of electricity is used on site
  • 2% – projected first year return on capital invested, before capital allowance benefits
  • 5 years system payback – before finance, tax and capital allowance benefits
  • £1,500,000 – Net benefit of system over 25 years, after indexation

*Amended to September 2021 rates. 

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