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Are Your Solar Arrays Compliant?


Alt-Group are keen to make sure our clients remain compliant with all forms of legislation. As part of the UK’s energy transition, all owners of electricity generating sites are required to ensure that their installations are compliant with Engineering Recommendation G59/3-7.

The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP) was established by National Grid to provide assistance and grant funding for owners of eligible generation equipment to upgrade in advance of upcoming changes to the Distribution Code.


If your equipment is already compliant with the upcoming Distribution Code changes without the support of programme funding, please visit the ALoMCP Portal to submit an online Declaration of Compliance.

Access to grant funding will close in February 2022 – We can help you apply for funding to cover any costs associated with upgrading equipment and make the necessary declarations you may be required to make.

With a registration deadline of the 1 September 2022 to complete upgrades and declarations, don’t hesitate to get in touch asap if you need us to check your equipment’s eligibility.

Contact our Compliance Team on 0330 174 2702 or email

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